STEP ONE: Build the Team

Get Started

The first step is to build a Go Green Team that includes at least one representative of every sector in the campus community, e.g. parents, teachers, custodian, administrators, and where age appropriate, students.

School site action items:

  • Present the Go Green Initiative to the principal and ask for his/her support. Identify teachers interested in serving on a Go Green Team.
  • If the Go Green Initiative will be organized by the parent group at your school, present the Go Green Initiative to the PTA/PTO officers and membership. Vote to adopt the program and name a committee chairperson.
  • Form a Go Green Team as defined in the Go Green Planning Guide. The Team should review the five principles of the Go Green Initiative and determine how the school can support each element. Use the Go Green Planning Guide to design a tailor-made Go Green plan for your campus. During the first year, it is acceptable for a school to implement as few as two of the five principles.
  • Develop a detailed action plan. The action plan should include a month-by-month timeline of events and activities; who is responsible for each of the tasks associated with completion of the events and activities; and a list of resources needed and who will acquire those resources. The Go Green Planning Guide will walk you through this process.
  • At the end of each quarter, a Quarterly Progress Report should be forwarded to the Go Green Initiative committee chairperson and should be shared with the school community and sponsors. The Progress Report should also be submitted online on December 15, March 15 and June 15, using the simple form provided. We use this information to assess needs for regional technical assistance opportunities for Go Green schools across the nation. Our network of support is vast, and the more success stories you share with us, the better we're able to serve your needs.

School District action items:

  • The district superintendent and local PTA/PTO leaders should meet to review the five principles of the Go Green Initiative. If the school district has a PTA/PTO Council, it is appropriate for the council president and the superintendent to work together on this project.
  • Establish a district focus group in order to identify ways the district can support school site efforts to “Go Green.” The superintendent can demonstrate support for the program to the principals, while the PTA/PTO leaders can encourage their parent and teacher members to support the Go Green Initiative.
  • Identify quantifiable district goals in areas of environmentally responsible behavior, such as pesticide use; buying recycled paper for printing/copying needs; green waste use/disposal; responsible e-waste management, energy conservation, etc.
  • Review contracts with waste management companies, janitorial staff and teachers to ensure that implementation of the Go Green Initiative does not impact collective bargaining issues or waste management contracts.
  • Meet with officials from the following organizations to ensure universal support for Go Green efforts at participating schools: city officials, local recycling coordinators, union representatives, waste management companies and government agencies.
  • Provide incentives to principals and teachers who participate in the implementation of the Go Green Initiative.
  • Send periodic updates to the public and the press regarding the district’s progress with regard to environmentally responsible behavior. Use the Public Relations Kit on our “Resources” page to access ready-made press releases.