Helpful Household Hints from Kate

By: Doug Cassaro

Welcome to my first blog!  Knowing that I work for an environmental education program, my friends often ask me what simple household things one can do to help the environment.  One of the first things that come to mind is buying recycled paper products.  I am lucky because the grocery store I go to carries recycled paper napkins, towels and toilet paper.  Are these any different than what one normally buys, you might ask?  I have not noticed a measurable difference in the recycled napkins and towels at all. When it comes to toilet paper I am a staunch 2-ply kind of toilet paper gal but I have not been let down by the recycled paper brand of toilet paper at all.  If everyone starting buying recycled paper products we would be not only saving millions of trees a year but also billions of gallons of water.  We would help avoid hundreds of thousands of pounds of pollution and save millions of cubic space in local landfills, which is an ever-growing problem.  This is just one small way that each family can truly make a difference without a lot of time and effort.  Try recycled paper products and if your local grocery store doesn’t carry them, start asking for them.  If enough people start asking, they will!

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