Ways to Go Green Over the Holidays!

By: Doug Cassaro

I’ve seen many different articles this year on ways to “Green” your Christmas so I thought I would share some of the most repeated ideas with you!

• Chirstmas Trees – be sure to recycle your Christmas tree when you are done with it or buy a tree that you can replant in your yard. My friend, Casey Scott, is even going to paint (with soy based paints) a Christmas tree on recycled paper with some friends, thereby not using a real or fake tree, something different to think about.
• Christmas Lights –use LED lights on your tree and on your house. Also, solar-powered lights are available for your home in some areas.
• Gifts – try to buy gifts that use the least amount of packaging. Also, try to buy items that are made of recycled materials whenever possible. Think of giving gifts that require time and talent versus a pre-packaged item.
• Christmas Cards – recycled content cards with soy based ink are easy to find, especially online. Also, e-greetings are starting to become popular.
• Wrapping paper – buy recycled content wrapping paper if you want to use paper. If not, reuse old paper bags and decorate them for the holidays. Also, think of using fabric or even a canvas shopping bag as wrapping materials. If you are sending packages and need to use packaging "peanuts", be sure to use Biodegradable Cornstarch Peanuts.
• Old Christmas Cards – these can be used to make new cards, frame as pictures or use to make your own “wrapping” paper for gifts.

These are only a few of the ideas that I ran across but these seemed to be the most popular over and over. Try a few and keep that landfill a little emptier this holiday season!

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