Are You Paying the Price for Staying Warm?

By: Doug Cassaro

I know where I live we’ve been having temperatures below freezing in the evenings and very cool temperatures during the day lately. We all would like to stay warm indoors but those heating bills can really add up! I looked to a book I received at this year’s Earth Summit for information on how to keep those energy costs down in the winter time. The book is “30 Simple Energy Things You Can Do to Save the Earth” put together by The Earth – Works Group and distributed by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Some of their tips on saving energy are:

• Get a furnace tune-up, get your furnace checked for combustion efficiency and pollutants.
• Clean or replace dirty filters. Clean intake screens, condenser coils, supply registers, and return grills.
• Keep your furnace lubricated and properly adjusted, including calibrating the thermostat.
• Gas furnaces should be tuned up every two years, oil furnaces should be tuned up annually.

I know that the newest thing I’m trying to do is turn the thermostat down several degrees every time I leave the house and no one is going to be home. This way I’m not wasting energy on an empty house. If you have other simple things that you do, write and let me know so we can share with everyone,

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