Marathoner Raises Money and Awareness for the Go Green Initiative!

By: Doug Cassaro

Hello to everyone at the Go Green Initiative! My name is Doug Cassaro. On June 9th, I will start training for my 2nd marathon, the Chicago Marathon. The Chicago Marathon is on October 12th and I will be following anDoug's Picture 18-week training program to prepare myself for the race. However, my 2nd marathon will be a much different experience. I'm running the marathon to raise money for this remarkable organization. Jill and I have had many conversations over the past couple months and we are really excited to be working together to continue to draw more attention to the GGI!

The main reason I wanted to run for the GGI is because of what I see every time I'm out for a training run...TRASH! I'm amazed at the amount of trash I see along the streets as I'm running. The lack of respect some people show the planet we live on really upsets me. As times change, I'm trying to change as well to become more eco-friendly. Now, I have this amazing opportunity to do this by spreading the word about the GGI! I'm eager to begin my training and I hope to get all the support I can!

Talk to you again soon!


To support Doug and the GGI, click here. Be sure to drop Doug a note in the "Comments" section.

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