Firefall's "Walk More Softly" 2008-2009 Theme for the Go Green Initiative

The Go Green Initiative, the world's largest environmental education program, today announced that 1970s hit-makers Firefall's new song, "Walk More Softly", will be theme for the 2008-2008 season for the Go Green Initiative. The donated song by Firefall will be unveiled at the 4th Annual International Earth Summit in Syracuse, NY October 17-18, 2008.

Walk More Softly is an environmenta 'green' song with a message of 'treating each other better' and taking care of the planet. This song connects with people young and old on musical and rhythmic levels, and in the simple truth of its message - "Walk More Softly on the Earth."

"Walk More Softly" is the first studio recording by Firefall that features both the 2008 band, together for nearly twenty years, and many of original 1976 band members. This recording, co-produced by Firefall bandleader Jock Bartley and original producer Jim Mason, is sure to become a classic such as "You Are The Woman," "Strange Way," "Just Remember I Love You," "Cinderella," "Goodbye I Love You," "Mexico," "Livin Ain't Livin," "So Long" and many others.